Volumio 3.3 new feature play here iPad

Hi, I’m very grateful that now we have the option to cast to Chromecast, build inside Volumio, and to play music on our mobile devices. iPhone and iPad.

But I have one problem, when playing through the iPad, it only outputs 44.1khz audio. No higher bitrate, no matter what’s playing. I can output 48khz, 88.2khz and 96khz with other players on the same song. Just not inside Volumio playing through the iPad.

Not an Apple user, but I guess you use Airplay from Volumio to your Ipad? So since Volumio only supports Airplay 1 at the moment and that version is limited to 16/44,1 from what I remember.

Edit: I guess your question concerns the new Play Here function, then Volumio gives the correct answer below.

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Will lossless audio work via Airplay 2 an… - Apple Community.

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Really glad to hear you like it!

As for play here, at the moment we stream only at 44.1 because we thought that in this scenario quality was not as important as a smooth experience.

But your feedback makes me think that it might be useful in your case.

Good thing is that the technology that we use allows to create several streams with different quality, so if there is a valid use case we can do it

Thanks for your feedback!


Thank you very much! I hope it gets added soon.

I am another who wishes this feature to be added soon. I have an iFi Hip-Dac 3 connected to my iPad. Coming off ROON, where this feature is available and I used it often.