Volumio 3.251 image file?

3.251 for x86-amd64 is HERE

I strongly advice against it, that way problems don’t get solved.
Download 3.396 instead, flash it as a clean stick and see if your problems still exist.

:slight_smile: Ofcourse I did but first of all I had to calm down… At first, 3.396 did not recognised the wireless card even on my older Sony Vaio. In the mean time 3.396 works fine on the older Sony Vaio PCG-7182L but on the newer Sony Vaio PCG-4121GL it still don t see/recognize the wireless card. I thing the error/fault resides in the notebook/card/drivers since I tried to install on it the lastest Debian distribution and it did not recognised the wireless card, too. 3.251 did not recognise the card on the newer notebook, too.

Could you go to this x86 support thread, open an issue, and post the requested information from the very first post? The log would be very interesting, as it probably shows what firmware is missing for the newer Sony.
I’m currently preparing/ testing a new kernel with corresponding firmware, so it is the right time to get this solved.

This is missing: iwlwifi-6000g2b-ucode- (but probably in a newer version), no idea yet where to get it.
Still need a log though…