Volumio 3.198 update erased all my data on my USB drive

First time this has every happened after many Volumio standard updates through the GUI. I updated my recent v3 fully functioning SD to the latest 3.198 distribution and when finished, my USB attached drive (connected through a USB hub to my Raspberry Pi 4 2GB with it’s own power supply) was completely erased. The drive would mount, but there was nothing on the drive and external SMB clients could not access the share. Luckily, I had a complete backup of all my music hosted on the that drive, so when I restored the contents everything started working again.

Would it be prudent for me to always disconnect a USB drive with my Music Library before any Volumio update?

was it a hard drive or USB stick? This happened to my USB stick when I powered my chrome from the PI with a USB lead!.One of the guys on here @Wheaten reckons the music may still be on there, but the MBR may have gone missing, doesn’t happen with HDDs or SSDs apparently!

Hi guys,
here I am

Davide, tech support
Just few infos about the concerning bug

We have a small fraction of users reporting this issue and it’s our top priority to fix it.
We need however more information, would you mind if I contact you directly?

Please come back to me via mail to: techsupport at volumio dot org

WIth a log, saved after the “erased drive” issue occurs



Thanks, jiffy. You are spot on - it was a USB stick (64GB thumb drive) and not a real hard drive. I also forgot to mention it was formatted as a native ext4 drive (I had very poor results with either a FAT, ex-FAT or NTFS formatted USB stick). If it happens again I will supply requested logs.

Just curious if @Wheaten has any pointers to the MBR recovery you mentioned?

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Never executed myself, as I am impatient and use a NAS.

I had never tried this, as i just repopulated using my backup! But it seems as though relating to taking too much power from the PI, the USB stick doesn’t like this, but thanks Wheaten, will try his if neccesary.

Good job you have a backup!:wink: