Volumio-3.198 no UPnP Devices

Hi, I have installed on my Raspberry Pi4B the version of Volumio-3.198-2022-01-24-pi. Through the PC I have configured it. The raspberry is installed on the LAN. I start the MDconnect App from Ipadmini to connect in UPnP to Volumio and launch Qbuz, to which I am a subscriber. Unfortunately, however, Volumio is not seen on the net as UPnP Devices. With the previous version (Volumio-3.179-2021-12-20-pi) no problem. I also tried from my smartphone (Android) but the latest version does not create any UPnP Devices.

please use the forum search function first. This bug has been reported multiple times and will be fixed in the next stable release.

Ok tanks