Volumio 2 WiFi drivers included

List of WiFi drivers or chipsets, included in Volumio2 - is it possible to get it?
Want to buy 802.11ac card that will work with rpi 3 Volumio out of the box - high bitrate music skips with internal WiFi adapter.
I have D-Link DWA-182 - not working with Volumio.
Does somebody know working 802.11ac dongle for Volumio?

The maximum usb speed on the raspberry pi is lower than what an 802.11ac can deliver. The only reason I can think of to get an AC adapter is if you only want to have an 802.11ac wifi. Otherwise your basically are wasting money.

There is a thread with confirmed working adapters here wireless-adapter-compatibility-list-t2150.html

Compatibility list is a good tool but list of drivers included into the distribution will be helpful as well - it’s easier to guess if particular dongle will work.
A lot of info on compatibility list still relate to older versions of volumio, it’ll take a time to update, re-check, etc.
On speed - theoretically - yes, 802.11ac faster then usb on rpi, practically - depends. at my neighbour 5ghz band is less congested.