Volumio 2 RPi3 won't work on built in Wi-Fi

Hi Guys!
I’m a total newb when it comes to RPis and stuff. I have succesfully installed Volumio on RPi3. Everything works perfectly when is connected be ethernet cable. When I connect to Wi-Fi through Networking in Volumio menu it looses connection. I guess that is related to not enabled Wi-Fi, or what?

Hi Mike
i’m sort of a newbie too

here is what i would try,when you’re connected (wired)
1/ connect to volumio
2/go to network
3/ do you see the section “wireless network” below “fixed network” (you may have to scroll down)
4/ if you see your SSID, click on connect
AFAIK, no need to “turn wifi on”
5/ once it displays connected on top of the page 'wireless status", , try (reboot or not) to connect by wifi (take care to IP adress conflicts) after having unplugged the cable

shoud work
i know there is also a “hotspot” function, with a wifi called volumio, check on documentation


ps : i would not use the title “…;DONT work …”, i’d rather use “… Dont know how to make it work …”. The meaning is the same but it’s much better, specially for those deeply involved in volumio with hours spent on their personal time.