Volumio 2 re-using cheap x86 based thin clients?

what about a volumio 2 player for nearly nothing?
I stumbled over a 3-year old IGEL-H820C thin client for 0$ and succesfully put Volumio 2 on it and use an XMOS 32bit/384Khz USB-Audio DAC with it.
It is an Intel Celeron x86 device, very basic, CPU 1.1Ghz, 64bit, 1GB DDR3 memory, only 2Gb internal sata storage (industrial), but sufficient.
You can easily upgrade with mSata.

This is just an example, there a lots of those extremely cheap, low power thin clients on ebay and the like, running linux at a reasonable speed and they hardly cost anything. Most of them are small and often also fan-less, just pointing out for you, a real bargain (I saw a batch of 20 going for 5€ each).

OK, the Volumio 2 version for x86 is functional but not quite finished yet, Michelangelo and I are working on it.

Do you think it could run on a PC Engines Alix 3D2 board ?
I can send you one for free.

Stéphane Acounis

If you refer to this:

Unfortunately it has 256 MB of RAM ,unsufficient to run Volumio… I would set the minimum requisites to 512 MB of RAM

Too bad, I’ll stay with Voyage MPD on the one I have.
Thank you for the information. :wink:

Stéphane Acounis