Volumio 2: Performance issue

I’m using BubbleUPnP as DLNA client to pilot Volumio on my Raspberry.
My music is stored on a NAS (Townky DLNA server installed)
While playing a track with BubbleUPnP, when I pause/play or stop it, the action is performed 3s after.
I don’t have this problem with the Volumio 1.55 version.


Hi Pascal,

The new volumio is incomparable to v1.55. You say raspberry, which version of the Pi are you running on?

Did you try this: volumio-stops-after-half-hour-gives-after-hours-t4640.html ? And how does that affect performance?

Hi Saiyato,

My NAS is not mounted on my Pi so Volumio does not parse it.
It is the BubbleUPnP application (installed on my smartphone) that send the link to play to Volumio with DLNA protocol.

The performance issue I speak about it is the respond time too long (3s) when I pause/play or stop the playback from my smarthphone.
(by comparison, with Volumio 1.55 the respond time is instantaneous)

My setup:

  • 2B version.
  • connected to the LAN
  • HifiBerry Digit daughterboard >> DAC >> HiFi amplifier >> HiFi speaker

NAS with Twonky DLNA server

BubbleUPnP app on smarthphone


Pascal, this probably depends on the buffer size. Decrease it and you’ll have the same fast loading, but you might encounter music stuttering

Hi Michelangelo,
I decreased the buffer to 128k and 10℅ before play but the problème is still here…


Does anyone have the same problem…?

I didn’t found solution in the settings to solve this problem.
This is a regression comparativly to the 1.55 version

why dont you use this configuration ?

volumio has its library on the NAS
no need to DLNA server on your NAS, install minidlna on volumio
and pilot Volumio with BublleUpnp


Hi Eric,
i dont understand your configuration. Could you precise more please?


1/ volumio withou dlna : does volumio play quite normally without the 3s delay, even when accessing music on your NAS
2/ volumio with DLNA: did you install minidlna on volumio
found in the forum
installing minidlna on volumio 2.0 https://volumio.org/forum/minidlna-volumio-t4829.html
configuring minidlna : https://volumio.org/forum/mini-dlna-t4546.html

not sure it helps