Volumio 2 Orange PI 4B

Good morning all,

I wanted to thank you for this excellent project which will benefit everyone.

I am on raspberry pi 4b and I would like to focus on an installation with the Orange PI 4B card which offers more performance and especially an EMMC.

Is there a version of Volumio 2 for the Orange PI 4B card?

Thanks for your feedback.


Sorry for my writing I’m French

Unfortunately not. In fact, I don’t believe we have any porting for an RK3399 based device in the community offerings.

Thank you for your feedback,

Is it possible for a version in RK3399 instead of RK3328?

Wouldn’t it be possible to do it with the evolved SBC?

I find that the raspberry does not develop the full potential of your OS.

Which card to choose to replace the Pi 4 by another more powerful card with the raspi touch 7 inch
Congratulations to the teams.

Thank you.

Does anyone have a solution?

Sorry, we don’t.
There is hardly any demand for rk3399 boards here, therefore not worth the works it needs. Unless someone else is willing to add a community porting, nothing will change.