Volumio 2 on Orange Pi Boards

This thread offers people the opportunity to discuss Orange Pi board versions maintained by me.

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Updated to kernel 4.14.45
Updated to kernel 4.14.34
Enabled GPIO control and permissions for volumio user

Volumio for Orange Pi One
Current version

Previous versions

Volumio for Orange Pi Lite
Current version

Previous versions

Volumio for Orange Pi PC
Current version

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BETA Volumio for Orange Pi Zero
Current version

Hi There

Thank you so much for the amazing work you have done getting Volumio 2 working on the orange pi, we really need a good music player :slight_smile:

Could you possibly release a build for the Orange Pi Zero?

Sure it’s possible to do a build for the Zero, the problem is that you will not have I2S capability, so you can’t connect it to a DAC and have high quality sound. You would have to use HDMI for audio output. If this is something that is OK for users then a build can easily be done.


You can connect a DAC to OPi Zero through USB, or even connect to the L,R,GND pins. I did last week upnp/dlna player based on OPi Zero just connecting analog out to the RCA In in my stereo. The player software is just mpd with upnp plugin, but volumio would be much better…
If You could generate an image for OPI Zero 512 MB this would be great!

I have checked yesterday your new opi lite image and it doesn’t boot. The older one is fine.

HDMI OUTPUT is not working.
Is it bug?

I’ll have a look at these issues in the coming weeks. And get another build ready.

Amazing , thank you :slight_smile:

I have a good USB Dac I want to use it with , so no spi isnt a problem :slight_smile:

Hi. Can you please provide checksums for volumio-2.396-2018-04-28-orangepilite.img.zip ?
I tried to flash it twice with diskimager32 and once with etcher but the device doesn’t boot. I think maybe the image corrupted because there only 4 files in FAT partition and one has 0 file size.

I have done a new build and included a new Orange Pi Zero build for testing. Hopefully all the other problems are sorted. Please let me know if there are issues and I will try to fix them ASAP.


Thanks, new OrangePi Lite build runs like clockwork, great work done! :slight_smile:

I’m test on Orange pi zero, it not have config to audio output for jack 3.5’ onboard :slight_smile:

I can’t configure wifi on orange pi zero. Only lan port works.

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Thank you so much for the port, so far it boots perfectly, Wifi seems to be missing for me too, but I can make it work for now over ethernet, thanks again for all the hard work, I know its not easy making these ports :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I don’t actually have a zero to test with so it’s a bit hard for me. I do have the other boards though and I do test those before putting up a release. I’ll look at getting a zero in the near future so I can test that too.

Can I ask people with Pi Zero’s to post which Pi Zero they have as there are a couple i.e. Zero (with H2+), Zero Plus (with H5) and Zero Plus 2 (with H3 or H5). The build I have currently done is for the H2+ based zero.

I think this is wifi problem: https://github.com/armbian/build/issues/591

Methinks most people use h2 opi zero 512mb.
I read on armbian forum, that wifi chip in opi zero is of poor quality (and it is totally different one from the chip in opi lite). You can feel it somehow when you connect over lan. But it streams music from server with no problems. (with mpd+upmpdcli)

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Also going to install OrangePi Lite. Waiting for a parcel with Aliexpress. Will work with Aiyima PCM2704 USB DAC .
What DAC do you use?

Im using a PCM5102 DAC connected via I2S, I haven’t used a USB DAC, but if the driver loads you should be fine.

Yesterday I received Orange Pi Lite.
Installed Volumio, earned immediately with aiyima PCM2704 USB DAC.
Thank you very much for developing the system for Orange Pi Lite!