Volumio 2 on NanoPi Neo

Hello! I’m trying to build volumio based on armbian for NanoPi NEO board.

sudo ./build.sh -b arm -d armbian_nanopineo_legacy -v 2.17
# or
sudo ./build.sh -b arm -d armbian_nanopineo_legacy -v 2.0
# and
sudo ./build.sh -b arm -d armbian_nanopineo_vanilla -v 2.0

but getting unbootable image every time. Please, help me find problem. Thanks.

UPD. I’m try to build image for supported board by both (Volumio and Armbian) - Tinkerboard.

[code]sudo ./build.sh -b armv8 -d armbian_tinkerboard_legacy -v 2.170


sudo ./build.sh -b armv7 -d armbian_tinkerboard_legacy -v 2.0
No results. Images still no-bootable.

Hi, tinkerboard is not 64bit (armv8) so that will never work.
I’m not (that) familiar with armbian, but for a fact I know they are using the mqmaker miqi kernel.
While building our own scripts using that kernel, a few things were missing and I reverted to the official kernel Asus published and we now have volumio tinkerboard support:

sudo ./build.sh -b armv7 -d tinkerboard -v -whatevercustomversioncodeyouwant

Tinkerboard biuld just for test. This test says - “All Volumio builds based on Armbian are broken”, builded images are empty 2GB files. I think after on of updates volumio or armbian systems your build scripts with armbian function are broken.

Thanks for reporting, we’ll remove the armbian option then, since we’re not using and it was added by a contributor which apparently is not mantaining it…

So sad :frowning:
Any plans to support lowcost boards like NEO?
NEO have a great Hifi DAC (http://www.friendlyarm.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=169) and seems pretty music box.

Supporting new hardware means we need to have at least 2 boards, which, unfortunately, is not the case.
Also not sure if there is enough demand for it (yet).

Volumio 2 on NanoPi NEO / NEO2 is very interesting. I made some investigation with i2s driver and confirmed work i2s with external LRCLK and BCLK signals with small changes in kernel driver from this repo: https://github.com/friendlyarm/linux. This will allow use nano pi neo/neo2 as source for really Hi-Fi DAC with simple LRCLK/BCLK driver and halvanic isolation module like my one:


No doubt, demand is huge! It is a very perspective board.The users are waiting for VOLUMIO image for Nanopi NEO!

with all respect, we have not noticed this “huge demand” yet, I did not find any reference on the friedlyarm forums either. Porting volumuo to any device on yhe market does not make sense, porting is either done when we really have demand for it or when a supplier requests it and supports us in one way or another,
Of course, we have no objection against someone in the community to create the image build scripts for it, we will give support for that if needed. Also, there is a complete chapter in the volumio documentation, describing the porting process.

What worries me about yhe NanoPI Neo2 is the 512Mb memory, it can cause lots of trouble trying to tune the VolumioOS with such limited memory, we advise 1Gb or more fof new devices.

I started porting Volumio2 to NanoPi-NEO2. Most problem is armv8 (aarch64) architecture H5. Now I have working u-boot, kernel 4.11 and base rootfs with custom debians packets which not exists in debian-jessie.
My work in progress yet, but some result you can find in my repositories:
I worries about memory size too, but I belive Volumio will working.

I need information about code sources for this modules for build their arm64 version:

and binaries:

nice to know you are working on it.
You don‘t need an armv8 rootfs and applications, armv7 on top of an aarch64 kernel will work just as well.
Have a look at the build script for odroid c2, pine64 and rock64 (wip).
We will probably remove the armv8 recipes as it proved they are not necessary at all.

Why don’t you want to use Armv8? I successfully built all modules for rootfs exclude volumio-init(remote)-updater which code sources not avaliable.

Because we discovered armv8 offers us no advantage in speed or whatever.
Just extra work for maintenance, supporting the different platforms is complicated enough for us, therefore we decided to stick with armv7 for aarch64 platforms (something many other OS developers have done, look at OMV as an example).
Currently we have no intention to build and support our packages for other than arm, armv7 and x86, volumio_updater included.
I’m really sorry to see all the work you did on volumioconfig.sh and the updated packages, but nevertheless hope you won’t give up :wink:

Okay, I understand your position. Just for myself - is volumio updaters not open sources?

The volumio updater is not open source

Actually, I think this can be a valuable addition, and if you pursuit the goal, we can help you.
However, really, we just can’t support another architecture for our packages.
So we can progress only if we use armv7 rootfs, which IMHO is totally doable. What do you think?

I’ll try to create an working image for NanoPi-neo2 with armv7 rootfs. Now I built image without errors, but I have difficulties in writing the correct boot.cmd, because I have no experiences in this level. I try modify original boot.cmd from FriendlyArm but without success yet.

Great, we will support you with boot.cmd

Thank you! What information from me can help?

Pls. send your current boot.cmd, and I can say what you need to change.
Could you check your PM, I‘m trying to follow up and make communications al little easier