Volumio 2 music services collection

Volumio has been enriched with many very valuable and usable plugins. This post is not intended to only list the currently supported music services, but also the ones we are still missing (out on). Listing them provides a little more insight in what has already been done, especially new users might benefit from this. Saves them hours of scrolling through different posts.

Music Player Daemon (MPD)
Needless to say this is the heart of the Volumio image.

Radio stations from this services are listed by default.

Radio stations from this services are listed by default.

There are four known usages of Spotify within Volumio 2:

  1. SPOP; the ‘native’ Spotify solution, it will add functionality to search/play songs/playlists in the Volumio UI. It can be installed using ‘search plugins’.
  2. Volspotconnect1; a Spotify Connect Web implementation (discontinued) download
  3. Volspotconnect2; a librespot implementation download
  4. Librespot; you can use a compiled (see [url=https://github.com/plietar/librespot]github repo[/url[) librespot library in combination with the SnapCast plugin for playback. Note: for advanced users only!

This summer the Youtube plugin was released, it can be installed using ‘search plugins’.

The Qobuz plugin required a little more googling, but can be downloaded here.

BubbleUPNP can be used for example to stream Qobuz and Tidal to your Pi. For Tidal and Qobuz over BubbleUPNP your phone/tablet can act as remote and renderer, for other sources only as renderer (meaning the handheld device streams to your Pi as opposed to your Pi requesting a Qobuz/Tidal stream directly). It can be downloaded here.

Logitech Media Server
Fresh from the press, can be downloaded here.

These music services are under development:

  • Tidal (not sure if it’s still under development)
  • Squeezelite player

The following music services are not (yet) supported, correct me if I’m wrong:

  • iHeartRADIO
  • SiriusXM
  • Mood:Mix
  • TuneIn
  • Napster
  • Google Music
  • Pandora
  • Deezer
  • Soundcloud
  • Juke
  • Rhapsody
  • Google cast (this would be awesome! imho :unamused:)

If I forgot something please let me know!

Thank you for that Saiyato. A couple of the plugins you refer to are not in the “list”, such as your LMS one. Should they be there, or are they not at a stage to be included (I have only added items as authors have submitted a single post precis of their plugin)? It strikes me that this post is actually quite a good basis for some documentation if you fancied doing that :slight_smile:. Actually thinking some more, it’s a reminder that the whole documentation scene needs some beefing up … it’s always the last to be done, but actually the most useful :slight_smile:

Edit: apparently Qubuz & Tidal can be streamed via a BubbleUPnP server plugin, which I added to the list earlier today.

I added the BubbleUPNP to the list. Obviously this list is a good basis for documentation, but it also might draw people to Volumio as opposed to other solutions. I’ve been playing around with max2play, but I find the amount of plugins a bit disappointing. I was reluctant to buying a license to test the premium plugins, luckily I found a way around that. Even with all the plugins I like Volumio better (waaaaaay better), controls are more intuitive plus there are more music services (the core of the project is listening to hifi music).
So if anyone wants to compare M2P to Volumio, just compare the different plugins, after Squeezelite is released I don’t think we’re really missing something (Volumio has more to offer in terms of diversity, plus it doesn’t have a license-model).

My endeavours in M2P where the reason to think about creating an LMS plugin, the post on the forum was just the last thing I needed to get started. I will tend to squeezelite next, also quite easy I think. I only finished the first BETA late last night, so haven’t had the chance to write a readme.
I found that supporting the plugins takes more time than developing the initial (less advanced) ones. :wink: