Volumio 2 for Cuboxi

This thread offers people the opportunity to find new images for CuboxI built at regular times to follow up on finished Volumio development cycles.
CuboxI images will no longer be released on the download page.

Anyone willing to help maintain the CuboxI platform is very welcome.

New Release

See the changelog link on the download page


Previous Releases

Fixes 2.532

Kernel 4.14.90-cubox, armbian with substantial improvement of support for native DSD (direct DSD) devices

volumio-2.518-2018-12-22-cuboxi (kernel 4.14.56-cubox, armbian)
Volumio for Cuboxi V2.425 volumio-2.425-2018-07-20-cuboxi (kernel 4.14.56-cubox, armbian)
Volumio for Cuboxi V2.417 volumio-2.417-2018-07-09-cuboxi (Kernel 4.15.18-cubox, armbian)
Volumio for Cuboxi V2.414 volumio-2.414-2018-07-07-cuboxi (Kernel 3.14)

Hi Taime

Eventhough, the Pi is the priority platform for volumio, I am awaiting for an updated image for cubox-i.
The one on download is now 1 year old…

Would be nice if you could post a link to the updated image.
Thank you

Good idea to post a link if you have somewhere to host it.

The image for the cuboxi was build with the following command :
./build.sh -b armv7 -d cuboxi -v 2.378

You can find the zip file of the image here :

Hope it could help.

Hi Taime,

in case you are interested in doing the testing for new releases and act as one of the “maintainers”, we could offer to build the images for you and post you the links for testing and publishing on request.
You would (preferrably) have to edit your opening post to hold the link to the current (and previous) Cubox versions , see the announcement at the top of this forum section and examples like the “Volumio 2 for Odroids”
In case you agree, I will make this topic sticky and rename it to “Volumio 2 for Cuboxi”

Hi gkkpch,

I see that Cuboxi have disappeared from the official download page, it’s time to enter in the community Porting ! So I’m ok for a sticky topic rename “Volumio 2 for Cuboxi”. Is there a possibility to publish the iso on updates.volumio.org/ I’m not sure that drop.me is very reliable in time.

Same issue as the last official release, after scanning the library for a while it crashes.

I am using Cubox i-4.

Hi Soren,

I have a CuboxI2 and it work well with more than 2000 albums in my repository.

Have you try with a small part of your librairy, 10 albums for example?


Yes, this is part of the policy, you do the regression testing (with anyone willing to help you).
We will build an image for you on volumio.org when you think the version is ok and then give you the link for a final test sequence and publishing by yourself in the opening post. We will contribute with support when questions/ problems pop up.

— Gé —

Ok, I’ll start the process with the last 2.389 version, this weekend.

No hurry, your thread has been renamed now and stuck to this topic.
Let me know when you’re confident that your image is ok and I’ll build.

Hope to see new Volumio for CuBox at least CuBox i4 Pro
Why Volumio removed CuBox from official website download section volumio.org/get-started/?
CuBox have no USB|LAN issues that Raspberry Pi have.

Where I could find latest Cubox image?

If you would take the effort to read the whole topic and the announcement post from this forum section, you will have answers to your questions. :smiley:
In the long term we will only officially release RPI and X86 images, the rest will profit from better support than currently by turning them into community portings. So far it seems to work…

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Ah, bad news for Cubox… hope community will support this nice devices
Thanks for details

I have a Cubox-i4 and the crashing of volumio when adding my library drives me nuts, I don’t want to buy any addons for my RPi 3. The cubox is perfect for my setup with the s/pdif output. Hoping this community porting can get it working correctly on this device!

I disagree, the chances that you will get more updated versions are much bigger than before.

When you say it crashed, does this also mean that you cannot ssh into the cubox anymore or use the usb port to connect to a pc?
In case you can still connect, would it be possible for you to do sudo journalctl -b

I have the same issue - it could not even connect to or ssh into the cubox anymore.

Then is going to be a very tough one, you do not post anything to go on.
I have no idea where to start.
Does it crash while using wireless?
If yes, what about eth, same issue?
Where is the library, USB, NAS?
What power supply are you using?
What else is connected to the cubox?
Did you try the version which was postet further above?