Volumio 2 for cubietruck

Does anyone has tried to make a port for Volumio2 on cubietruck?
Can I use the current cubietruck kernel and build volumio2 from gitbub?
I love the cubietruck because it has SATA and TOSLINK, I don’t want to Switch back to rasperry pi…


The team is committed to support as many devices as possible, but currently nothing has been done with Cubietruck for Volumio 2 yet.
Everyone is focussed on a Volumio 2 release version at the moment.
After that it depends on demand and developers/ maintainers having expertise and access to the various devices.
Some of them have already been covered during development (pi, odroid, x86), others will follow as soon as possible.

In there any update for Volumio 2 for cubietruck? I am currently running version 1.5 but I would love to have all the improvements and new features that come with version 2.

Unfortunately, no work has been done yet for Cubietruck.

But, in case you have any contact with the the supplier, I’ll be happy to check if they would be willing to sponsor a unit.
Preparing a basic (as in basically running, not fully tested) version does not take more than 1-2 days.
Of course, presuming the platform has been documented by the supplier or by a supportive community.

– Gé –

Look here:

Yes, thanks to the excellent work of @chrismade we now have basic support for a number of A20 devices including Cubietruck.

Edit Please test it a while and give us feedback. Which audio devices you used and please also test wireless dongles with hotspot mode.

Cubietruck does not use a wireless dongle, but, rather, has built-in WiFi capabilities. I tried the CubieTruck build and was able to get it to work on a wired network only. I was unable to connect to a wireless network from my Cubietruck, or get the hot spot to work. It is possible I am doing something wrong, but I haven’t been able to find out what that is. I would love to get the hot spot feature to work so I can use this as a standalone player in my car, using my mobile phone as a remote control.

I’m a bit disappointed because no Volumio 2 is available for Cubietruck. As far as I see, it would be the only Unix based SBC supporting SATA interface for self powered drives. Volumio 2 has really nice features, but I should keep the rather oldish RuneAudio.

Problem is, that cubietruck is not very responsive for supplying engineering samples. Communication with them was not helping much sofar. Added images or build scripts to produce such from external sources is a great help to us and much appreciated. But if these are not supported, then the task comes down to the core team members. When these do not have any hardware, it is very difficult to change anything. I’ll try to get in touch once more, but have not much hope.

Anyhow, thank you the answer.