Volumio 2 beta reboot issues


I’ve tried Volumio 2 since Beta 3 and the install on my Raspberry Pi 2 is not able to reboot. I’ve tried both from the web GUI and by ssh and sudo reboot. It seems like the Pi hangs and I need to remove the power and insert it again. This happens on both Beta 3 and Beta 4 (0.839). I would like to help with supplying log files but I need instructions where to look for them. Currently I don’t have access to a monitor.

I hope this is not a double post (I’ve tried searching for Volumio 2 rebooting).

I’m running Volumio 2, 0.839, on a Raspberry Pi 2 with a HifiBerry Digi+ shield.

same here.
system hangs on:

stopping LSB: raise network interfaces


for me it turned out to be a power supply problem!!! :laughing: :laughing:
I solved the reboot problems by simply changing the raspberry pi power supply with a more powerful one.
now I use a 5V - 2100mA adapter, and had no more issues with reboot.