Volumio 2 - Beta 1 not work for me...


I have donwloaded this image : Volumio0.957-2015-11-26PI.img

for my Raspberry Pi 1 + ifiberry DAC and when i put this file on my sdcard (with Win32 Disk Imager) and I turn ON the rpi, nothing ><

I try to ping my rpi (under DHCP) but nothing… Timeout…

How resolve this issue ?


As you describe, it seems there is flash problem…
-Ensure your sd card is at least 4MB.
-unzip the file before flashing :wink:
And it should boot ! (even if I admit that I haven’t test this image…).
If no, try to download again the file, maybe something wrong happenend…

Who have of 4 mb ??? :smiley:

I tested on an 8GB and a second 16GB with Win32DiskImager. (and SDformatter 4.0 to prepare the card)

I downloaded a second image in case my first image was broken;)

I haven’t MD5 of the file but the both have the same size, 3,46 Go (3 720 347 648 octets)

If you have an empty SD card, please could you check ?


for testing, I even use a 2Mb … :mrgreen: but not with volumio2… Seems that other users achieve to boot .

Again with the Mb? A floppy drive has about the same room… You obviously meant Gb as in gigabyte

I have try with another method

Same issue… And same issue with another Rpi…

of course you’re right …It’s GB!! :mrgreen:

Hi, I would know if this beta support I2S DAC…

I confirm that BETA does not boot on RPI B (haven’t test on RPI B+). Boot gives a kernel panic.
On RPI 2 it’s ok.

You can use a I2S DAC by adding corresponding overlay in /boot/config.txt
for instance, for hifiberry dac, add


you’ll find the list of supported in /boot/overlays

Thank you…
I will try soon…

After a fast attempt to boot on my RPI B+ I can’t connect with SSH neither with web interface.
LAN works because LEDs are on and can see in my router

mine is working on rpi2. i instaled the hifiberry drivers… and it works very good, i think it sounds better than the previous.
the only thing is i don´t ha acess to files on my usb stick.
anyone can help me??? how to i enable usb??

Another question, when i change kernel profiles , it necessary to reboot?

I ve been using rune because it sounded better than volumio. But this release sounds better than rune on my 9103 dac. Very good sound.

I have the same issue with this version.
The network doen’t work.


I don t have wireless network nor access to usb stick.

I hope beta 2 wiil résolve this issue :wink:

Yes, I tested on my pi1 and it won’t boot at all. Strange that. I’m waiting for V2 release for so long… coders out there , can you help me please?

The last image available does not boot on RPI 1. This is known problem solved now. A new image will arrive soon. If you can’t wait you can build your own image with build script or download this image, that should work for you even if a work has been done since I built it http://demo.ovh.eu/fr/638ad2716d02d774ea6b360be152390f/
after boot, ssh to /volumio do a “git pull” and “npm install”

I have install this image on my Rpi 1 and the boot is OK :wink:

But I don’t know how add my NAS synology (NFS) and the Hifiberry

ID : d4e7a6a5-23ab-4876-9243-2ef11e43ddf9
PATH : volume1/music/Flac
PASSWORD : password
OPTIONS : nfsvers=3,ro,noatime,intr

and unable to connect my NAS with theses informations…

The fields below doesn’t exist in Volumio2:
Charset: UTF8 (default)
Rsize: 32768
Wsize: 16384