Volumio 2.882 Update - Network access issue

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.882
Hardware: Raspberry Pi3B+
DAC: none

Hi to all of you,

I updated my little Raspberry Volumio this week and as I wanted to copy new albums this morning I’m refused access to the Internal Storage folder.

I’m on Mac, I’ve been using Volumio for quite a while now, and usually I use either a normal finder window where the volume shares appear on the network or the Cyberduck software.

So the Volumio shared volumes appear, but I cannot copy any music into them.
I can browse, create a new folder (but not edit its name).

I did try to investigate if anything changed network wise, but nothing did, the only change I can think of is the OS update to version 2.882.

I did “enable” SSH via the volumio/local/dev page post update.

As a sidenote, I deal exactly in the same way with my PLEX server, on the same network with no issues at all…

So I’m stuck here, I must be missing something and would gladly take some advices from you.

Thanks for you input !