Volumio 2.878 not running on Raspberry PI Zero

Hi, I’ve just wanted Volumio version 2.878 to get running on my raspberry pi zero. When I flash the image of this version to the sd card my pi won’t boot up. I tried the same with the previous version 2.873 and it worked without any problems. Then I updated the system via the webinterface. The updatd seemed to be OK but after the restart the pi is not booting up again.
Is there an issue with version 2.878 and raspberry pi zero?

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Just had exactly the same both via update and flash.

Rolled back to 2.873 and back up and running. There are other threads here reporting issues with 2.878 too, so I think we’re not alone unfortunately.

I’m going to test this reported issues in all the PIs I have here. In the meanwhile

  • if you face issued with a RPi0 (without BT and WiFi), could you please specify the USB WiFi dongle you are using?
  • if you face issues with a RPi4, could you please specify the amount of memory and the HW revision?

There is a more recent revision (1.4) than 1.2 for RPi4s.

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My Zero that failed is a Zero W, so it failed with the built-in wifi.

Just trying my Pi1 with the current Buster image, as even when I went back to 2.873 I can see the hotspot but not connect to it for some reason. The Pi1 is on a unnamed generic dongle, so unfortunately no help there. Got it running now by settings it up via ethernet.

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performed some test, here the outcome

  • RPi3b+ → no issue
  • RPi4 2GB Rev1.2 → no issue
  • CM4 2GB, No EMMC, no WiFi → no issue
  • RPi0w → issue confirmed, does not finalize the boot process
  • RPi0 → issue confirmed, does not finalize the boot process

RPi4B 2GB Rev1.4 -----> no issue

Raspberry Pi Model B Plus Rev 1.2 (Pi1) → issue confirmed.

So looks like armv6 (single core, Pi0 and Pi1) are affected, but armv7 (multi-core, Pi3/4) are fine.

No data yet on Pi2, but should be OK I guess if other arm7’s are working.

There are also posts about RPi4 not working too.

Thanks guys for the useful info. We are on it, and every bit of info can help us figure out what is going on

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RPi1 → issue confirmed, does not finalize the boot process

Just linking to the issues floating around - looks like some Rpi4 users are also effected…

@mr.raudet @iancanada could you confirm which version/model (2G/4G/8G RAM) of the Rpi4 you are running?

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I had this issue (and reported it on the myvolumio forum). The unit is a Pi4B with 4GB memory, using the on-board wireless chip (no dongle). I believe that this is hardware revision 1.2.

(FWIW I was able to set the problem to rights by connecting via ethernet cable, getting to the web interface by http://192.168.0.XXX, and re-setting the wireless configuration in the Settings page. I had to re-mount the NFS drive as well though.)

Hi, I’m running a RPI4 B w 4Geemc. The issue however is not with the RPI but with the update to 2.878. If you try and rollback to 2.873 you will be back in action. It’s most likely a small bug that came late in the process, just before releasing it as v.2.878. Probably a result of a bug fix that broke something else in the process. Let’s wait and see if they come up with a patch by Monday morning or not.

We found the issue and fixed it. The fixed version is 2.882

Sorry for the issue guys

I wanted to do the update from 2.873 to 2.882 and it says you are updating to a test release. System might be unstable. Do I have to expect some issues? Will there will a real release in the near future?

Just got the same message about test release.

Am updating anyway as I have a 2.873 uSD card image in case it gives problems. Will report back shortly on how it goes…

@volumio Thanks for that - Pi Zero updated and confirmed as now booting and working fine for web radio :smiley:

Thanks for the quick response and fix!

Yes – completely smooth upgrade here now. Nice work.

I can confirm - 2.882 is able to boot and run on the RPi zero w. Unfortunatelly I still have an issue with Tidal connect - Shairport has to be active in volumio sources. Otherwise Tidal app (iOS) can’t see volumio as an output device. Not sire what can be wrong here… any ideas?