Volumio-2.878-2021-04-21-x86.img file corrupted

Hi I have downloaded the latest volumio for PC (volumio-2.878-2021-04-21-x86.img.zip ) from this site however the img file is reported as corrupted after I unzip it and try to either write it to disc or attempt to mount it. Can anyone advise? Note I have unzipped it with both winrar and peazip. Thanks

did you burn it with etcher or pi imager ?

Thanks for the quick response. I think I may have misunderstood the application. I thought the file was a an executable that would run the Volumio application on windows 10. I take it that this is not the case?

it’s not a application but a image with 3 partitions…
you can burn it on a sd and boot it from usb … linux and volumio doesn’t work like windows.
btw your image is not corrupt :wink:


If you scroll down past it should give you an overview to get started :slight_smile: