Volumio 2.868 Qobuz skips after pause

Volumio Version: 2.868
Hardware: Raspberry PI 4 (4gb)
DAC: Dragonfly Black 1.5

Qobuz was skipping when I came back to play a song in volumio.

Play a track
Pause the playback for- 5 mins
Resume playing
The paused track begins to play at the second it was paused
After a couple of seconds the track playback stops in the middle of the track and the next track in the queue starts to play,

I switched to DEV mode and updated to 2.868 the skipping stopped. Now, it’s skipping again, does anyone know why this is? still on 2.868 which was suppose to fix this, what happened?

Thanks in advance for the help… I sent an email to support but never got a reply.

Dear Morgan,

I’m sorry for the issue on we are working for.
But, may be, something goes wrong on your email request.
I haven’t never received request by ticket on this issue.

You wrote me about this object:

qobuz with DLNA / UPnP

And I’ve replied you

Say this…this issue was fixed with 2.868, but just now we are working out again to find the new bug.

Please be patient and write to me techsupport@volumio.org whenever you need.



Volumio tech Support

I am having the same issue, running version 2.873. Also, the android apps needs to be restarted if you leave it for a while.

This has been a long-standing behavior with regard to Qobuz. If there is a fix for it, that would be great.

I also have this issue. Is there any work being done to resolve?

This is also frustrating for me. I have a Minidsp SHD running version 1.111 (not sure what actual Volumio version this is).

Whenever I pause a Qobuz track, after unpause it will play for 30 seconds then suddenly skip to the next track. Local file play isn’t affected but I’ve heard reports that this affects Tidal too.

Is this a known bug (fixed in what version?)


A good possible cause is mentioned here: Qobuz streaming song skipping
Pausing a song causes the internet connection socket to be unused; Internet providers close sockets that have been unused for a while.
Then after unpausing, the software doesn’t pick up that the connection has closed on the other side and therefore keeps skipping songs.

Also, I read somewhere else that Qobuz’s track ID expires after a few minutes after which it must be requested again, which could cause skipping after a song has been paused for a while.

I hope someone can look into these issues.

Yes and no.

The thing is: every streaming URL we receive from QOBUZ has an expiration date, and can be accessed only once. Lately we have been gradually improving how Volumio handles these URL using a proxy which refreshes the token every time MPD requests it.

There is still a known issue with longer songs, that is currently being worked on.