Volumio 2.806 no hdmi video output

just dark screen

Volumio Primo

Tried so far:

  • disabling and enabling: nothing
  • disabling rebooting and enabling again: nothing
  • disconnecting external dac: nothing
  • compete power off: nothing

when you write ‘disabling enabling’ do you mean hdmi settings? :

Yes that’s what I meant

No one else with this problem?

Well I am using an external TV connected via HDMI on RPI4 running Volumio 2.806. In order to display the user interface I had to install the Touch Display Plugin. Now it works fine…

Thank you. The Plugin is not available for the Primo unfortunately. It should be natively supported but not working right now. I will wait for the next update

The Raspi4 seems to be a bit sensible to the HDMI sink. I saw combos where Hdmi remained dark for one screen, but worked for the other. You could try various screens.