Volumio 2.799 playing too fast

I’ve just updated my installation of Volumio to version 2.799. Now all of my music (flac and mp3) is playing too fast - it sounds as if the smurfs were singing.
I’ve tried various settings but to no avail. Any help or hints are appreciated.

My configuration:

  • Raspberry Pi 2B
  • RPI HIFI DAC (based on PCM5122), configured as Allo Boss

Try to use generic I2S DAC

I’ll try this with a fresh install of Volumio. Maybe this helps, too. The old install had a long line of updates behind itself.
So far version 2.773 works fine with DAC set to “Allo Boss”. I’m unsure about changes made since this version that might explain this strange behaviour.

To sum things up: I did a fresh install with the most recent version 2.799 and now everything works fine. Problem solved.