Volumio 2.703: Fail to open "alsa" [alsa] error

Just started using Allo USBridge Signature and enjoy using Volumio. However, on some of my high res files I am getting the following error message:

  Fail to open "alsa" [alsa]; Error opening ALSA device "hw: 5,0" snd_pcm_hw_params() failed; invalid argument

I was getting some digital artifacts on my high res files (ticks and pops). I updated my Volumio to 2.703. In my test environment the artifacts have disappeared. However, now a few of my high res files are giving me this error. All the files associated to a single album will fail which implies that the format of the file may be causing the problem. All of my files are FLAC. One is an SACD file I have converted to FLAC with a sample rate of 88k. the other files are digital albums from Edition records. The failure is consistent.
Thanks for your time and help,

To Continue;
This problem does not appear to be a Volumio problem. The same problem also occurs on the mo0de.org platform. This would seem to infer that the problem exists within the Raspberry pie implementation of LINUX and/or the ALSA library. The files that have not run on the Allo UDBridge Signature have rendered on my Mac. I don’t have a LINUX running and, therefore, I cannot validate it with in LINUX.

It’s the same error I have with Volumio X86 and and RME HDSP9652 Soundcard, I talk about it in another topic. Volumio identifies correctly the card so the alsa driver should be the right. Parameters seems ok to me but when I try to play something I get the error.


@nico75r6: unfortunately this is not the same. You are mixing two completely different things here
There can be many reasons for the mentioned alsa errors, your problem is a missing, incomplete RME installation on a PC which we cannot help you with.