Volumio 2.657 :: bluetooth audio playback

I installed 2.657 via OTA and tried to find the bluetooth audio playback for myvolumio virtuoso users (new feature) but I can not find anything to configure such feature as myvolumio virtuoso user.

Hi kermit
i think there is nothing to configure. just connect with pairing.
see : new-feature-bluetooth-a2dp-audio-playback-657-t13088.html

An option for disabling the Bluetooth would be nice.

Yes, it is working by default. When u try to configure, it will not work. -So i did, and I had to set factory default and reinstalled 2.657 OTA.

Now it works but the displayed album art and information is sometimes missing (streamed from deezer with android phone).
In a distance of ca. 3m, a slight sizzling noise is noticeable.

Now to make it perfect:
Please add to the sources a BT button / menu to: switch on/off discoverbility of BT receiver, list paired / active devices, remove paired devices,

Thanks guys for the feedbacks, we are working to add a facility to turn it off and adding more “customizability”