Volumio 2.632 and plugin install comand

I have Volumio 2.632 working with some official plugins installed. Many times I tried to install Saiyato’s HD44780 LCD and/or pydPiper unofficial plugins. Tried many ways, but the result is always the same: after ‘volumio plugin install’ there is a message about compressing plugin, then “Downloading plugin” and nothing else. Tried to wait for hour and more - no result. Tried previously installed npm with no result, too.
There is many people, who successfuly using this plugins.
What can be wrong?

At last I have a full installed pydpiper as a plugin. The mistake was in having root rights before installation.
Now Volumio crashing because of two pydpiper copies trying to beat each other on one LCD.

I have the same problem. Could you elaborate further on the root rights. I am logged in as supervisor.
Many thanks

“Having a root rights” means that I tried to install pydPiper plugin after “su root” command. Somehow this deed broke the Volumio installation mechanic. I had a hanging message of “10% installed” and nothing more.
Somebody on this forum previously wrote that “su root” is unnecessary. I think, Soiyato wrote this.
Then, installing pydPiper without root rights was succesfull.

Installing volumio plugins from the command line should be done as the normal volumio user, not as root. I’ve also made this mistake in the past…