Volumio 2.575 Artist Art

starting from yesterday after update to 2.575 Artist Image doesen’t show up (all 186 artist have the same problem).
Album art is fine (but it is embebbed in the files AND there is a cover.jpg file).
I’ve never had had such problem in the past…

Volumio internet connection is fine, as I can play music from Spotify and i’m logged into volumio network.

Does anybody has the same issue? :unamused:

I tried to update/rescan th edatabase and We Album Art is ON.

Thank you!


Hi Luca,

Like you, I have also recently lost all artist images, with album artwork being fine.

I believe that artist images are pulled from lastFm and, looking on their forum, I think they may have made an API change that could possible have affected Volumio:

getsatisfaction.com/lastfm/topi … 8oefw5vrxq


Oh yes, i followed the link and in the forum and they say this is the reason why they have the “star” image instead of the real image…

Thank you!!

Damn… Those default images are really bad =)


I am running 2.575 and the artist-image is still there.


i have the same problem. Suddenly the artist images are gone. Only the “star-images” were shown. Hope that there will be a solution for this problem. I installed volumio once again, but it was still the same.

This is due to a change of LASTfm APIs (from which we gather albumarts).
We are actively working to find a solution

Why doesn’t Volumio simply use what is provided locally. Embedded in the file, separate file like cover.jpg, folder.jpg etc.?

We do, but there is no such thing as an artist image

Is it possible to add a feature to look for “artist.jpg” in the folder?

It would be a great solution given that lastfm will end like myspace.

It is a great idea, I also suggest to add a feature that permit the upload of a custom artist image from the user interface, it would be great!

We are working on a way to upload an artist picture :wink:

The other suggested way: adding an artist.jpg image in the folder is not feasible.

Somehow the guy developing PowerAmp for Android can do it :bulb:

I have been trying resolve this for a while and think I have a solution. My library structure is a folder called music containing individual folders for each artist, each of which have subfolders for their albums. Each album folder has embedded cover art. I used mediaelch to scan my library and add artist image (folder.jpeg) to each artist folder and a album art image (cover.jpeg) to each album folder.

When I open the volumio interface in a browser and browse to music library I see all the artist images fine. But when I browse artists I get a volumio created default image. This suggests the browse artist view is looking elsewhere for the images. I cleared the image cache in volumio and and browser cache and looked at data/albumart/folder and data/albumart/web and both were empty.

When I used the browser to browse music library, the data/albumart/folder became populated with a folder structure that mirrored my library. In the artist folder of this structure was a file called extralarge.jpeg which was an automatic renaming of the artist picture in my artist folder. So far so good.

When I browsed to artists the data/albumart/web folder became populated with a folder structure of artist names formatted with spaces and special characters like & and + replaced by %20 etc. These folders only contained info.json file. So browse artists seem to use web cache to display images. I copied the artist image from data/albumart/folder to the appropriate subfolder under data/albumart/web and edited the json file to reflect the correct filename. I cleared the browser history and reloaded the browse artist view and voila the artist image appears. Therefore the browse artists view gets its images from the data/albumart/web folder.

So is it possible that when the cache for data/albumart/folder is being created that it also populates the data/albumart/web folder at the same time, and the json files contain the proper filename data?

I’ve found a solution that might work for some of you.
In the folder /data/albumart/web/ you can find a folder per artist. If you upload a .jpg image in this folder, modify info.json accordingly and clear the cashe of your browser, you’re done.

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More than two years and nothing has happened. No solution, neither for Volumio 2 nor for Volumio 3. If the internet download does not work properely why don’t establish a local solution like the one for the cover pictures?

Continuing on this something I do is, is convert the artist image with imageMack

convert name-artist-album-artist.png -resize 300x300^ -gravity center -extent 300x300 name-artist-album-artist.png

after that i copy the image to /data/albumart/web/{artist directory} and change the name of the image to the current image in that directory.
If there is no artist image edit the info.json, be sure to make the image file unique:


After that do a brower cache clear or hard refresh.