Volumio 2.348

Hello Everybody and Happy New Year!
I have installed the last Volumio release for Rasp pi available online, I have really appreciated the auto start guide that help you to the first configuration really usefull and I think a “must” for the first time users.
I was very impressed by the Media Server option, I have a Serviio DLNA media streaming running on my desktop, Volumio has properly recognize it and I can play all tracks present in my music harddisk, this is a very amazing feature!.

Hi them all,

the 2.348 has been the first Volumio version I tried.
And I was awfully exhausted about the Software! :mrgreen:

The system was easy to install, configuration was done in about 10 minutes, network (LAN) connection was PnP.
The User Interface is excellent! Without any squiggle it’s useful, clearly arranged and working on a large screen as well as on a tablet or even a smartphone.
Integration of webradio works wery good - adding user defined stations is easy and foolproof.
The stability of Volumio is outstanding! I tried Kodi (on two different win10 Systems), Clementine and they were not quite as stable and easy to configure or to use as Volimio is.

So I want to give my compliments and congratulations to all the developers involved here - you do a very good job! Carry on!

Best regards,