Volumio 2 - 3.5" Touchscreen


Has anyone got a 3.5" TFT working with Volumio 2 as yet? If so could someone post a link to model that works.

I’ve read various posts on here by people who state the adafruit (for example) doesn’t work on Volumio 2.



I also am very interested in this, in particular I would like to install a screen touch of 5 “or 4”

Anyone knows if there is any display of compatible with volumio?

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In 5" hardkernel.com/main/products … 7563061546

I hear their working on it for the C1/C2…a mention of it in the Odroid forums.

Yes, except for the 3.5" it has been done and is compatible with the kiosk plugin.
The only thing you need to do manually afterwards is choosing the correct boot.ini from the examples in /boot.
Eventually this would need to go into the plugin setup.

There is a post on the Hardkernel forum, showing how to do this for the 3.5" on image version 2.001
click here


Someone needs a hug :smiley:

So I got it working on my C1+…but damn, that plugin took foreeeeevvvverrrrrrrrr to install. 3+ hours.

Now that it is working…I have to back up the sd card, in case it goes bad.

K…it was the SD card…I set it up again cause things were acting wonky in Volumio. Same SD card (SanDisk) as before but only took 15 minutes.

An issue, though…with an Audioquest Dragonfly Black USB DAC there is a horrible rapid clicking distortion when playing back.

So not working correctly. Odroid on the Odroid forums linked above is looking at the issue…I think.