Volumio 2.246 volume excessively loud

I’ve just updated from version 2.201 to 2.246 and now my system is unusable due to an excessively loud volume. I just about blew my ears off last night after the update!

My system consists of a Raspberry Pi Zero W + Justboom DAC zero + Genelec 8040b active studio monitors,

With version 2.201 I could go up to a volume of about 70/100 comfortably whereas now a volume setting of only 2/100 is still too loud for listening during the evening.

Does anyone have any idea what may have changed between these two version to cause this and how to fix it (in layman’s terms)? I have tried playing with the various playback settings but have had no success so far and am almost scared to turn my speakers on.

  1. factory reset
  2. install from fresh again

Thanks for the suggestions bigbear.

A factory reset returned me to version 2.201 but upon upgrading again I ran into the same issues (including those highlighted in this post).

Installing from a fresh image has fixed the excessive volume issue but now the volume dial doesn’t work at all - the volume level is constant upon startup, albeit at a level that isn’t ear damaging (thankfully). I’ve tried changing the mixer settings but these haven’t made a difference.

Time to keep searching the web/looking for alternative setups…