Volumio 2.246 for RaspberryPi invalid MD5


I wish to give a try to Volumio. So I downloaded latest version from the “get-started” page : 2.246 (2017-07-31) for Raspberry Pi 3.
However, MD5 sum for the file “volumio-2.246-2017-07-31-pi.img.zip” is not the expected one, so I re-downloaded the file :frowning:
Now, both downloaded files have the exact same sum, which is not in favor of a corrupted download :astonished:
Could you please ensure the expected md5 sum is the right one ?

md5 sum of downloaded files : d7927d993dbeee7e3248c01d44035c15
Expected from website : d947e500176dc54313f26c82eba6e48f

If my both downloads are corrupted :blush: , could you show me an alternative way to get the image back (like torrent) ?

Thank you for your help.