Volumio 2.246 failed to scan database


I’m back still with the same scanning issue. This new version is showing the same failure I met with the 2.201.
I’m using an RPi3, no DAC (it will be buy later), a Syno NAS (NFS mounted) to store my ripped CD AIFF format , all tagged through Python script using Mutagen lib, or manually using iTunes. Cover art are also embedded in the AIFF file.
I started to remove the cover art from the files and put it in the album folder as folder.jpg
Today, I reach more than 1600 artists,1400 albums.

Using 2.246, the scan stops after to find 166 artists and 170 album from my Syno NAS. In addition, it found almost one track per album (found 199).
If I browse through the Music Library option, then choose the NAS, it displays all my music without problem.

So, I continue to use 2.129 which works fine but I would prefer to use the latest version, embedding lot of interesting features.
Here is the log done after to re-scan the NAS.

Any clue/help ?

Have a nice day

We are aware of the issue, and contacted MPD developer.
You can try disabling extended format support from my music section

let me know if that helps


Same here (after the Dac, the update) :wink:

PS: I try now for the MPD.

The amazing Max Kellermann just fixed the issue:

And I am rebuilding mpd, keeping you posted


This smells good then. Impatient to test it again.
FYI, I disabled the extended format support but got the same result.

Thx for your help

Ciao Michelangelo,

Any news ?
Were you able to rebuild and fix that ?

Have an ice day

Yes, a release is due before the end of the week

Nice :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: