Volumio 2.170

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know where I can download Volumio version 2.170 for Asus Tinkerboard?

My installation screwed up and newer versions will not work properly with files > 16/44kHz. There is a popping sound every few seconds. Anyone know how to fix this? I have Asus Tinkerboard connected to a Hegel integrated amp.


Unfortunately that version is not available for download anymore and I beleive you wohld be more interested to get the problem solved. Which is the latest version that you tired and did not work? (just that we know which kernel it was built with).
Could you also do an “lsusb -t” ?
Have you tried all different USB ports, any difference?

Our experience with usb audio on Tinkerboard has been good so far.
As we do not do the kernel for Tinkerboard, you might have to ask on the Tinkerboard forum and see if you can get an answer from Jamess.

Let us know how it goes so we can help when you get stuck.