VOLUMIO 2.129 + RPi3 + HifiberryDAC - no audio

MY SINCEREST APOLOGIES IF THIS HAS BEEN ANSWERED, but I am having ZERO luck on finding a fix. I have 3 devices that I can NOT get to work with Volumio2.129 on a RaspberryPi3. The devices are a Hifiberrry AMP+ , a Pimoroni pHATDAC (have tried this on a RPi3 and a RPiZERO; no luck on either), and a Suptronics X5000 DAC + AMP. I really am not sure what I’m doing wrong. I have searched for a week and not been able to find anything that works. Most of the posts that I have found are related to RPi2’s, as they are dated in late 2015 or early 2016. Any help is greatly appreciated.

First, flash the latest version (2.166)
Second, the only hardware from your list that we officially support is the Hifiberry Amp+.
Do this:

  • flash the new volumio
  • wait 5 minutes
  • go to UI
  • Playback options -> enble i2s dac -> select hifiberry amp +
  • click save, and reboot when asked

You should have sound now