Volumio 2.118 no shares in network

Volumio on RaspPi3 cannot be accessed in local network. In Windows 10 Volumio shows up as Multimedia, but is not accessable by networkplayers (f.i. Pioneer N-50A). There is a Network Server (Serviio) running on my Windows computer which shows up there as Multimedia too and which is accessable by my networkplayers. In version 1.xx this was working?!

Hmm, I tried this earlier, and couldn’t initially see the contents of the samba shares (although working fine form Linux). Now, I fiddled with mapping the RPi as a network drive and adding the IP address as a ‘Windows credential’ and eventually it worked. Unfortunately, I couldn’t force Windows to forget the share again, so I was unable to narrow down exactly what the solution was. Hopefully, you may have more luck :wink:

I found out, that there are network shares with Volumio 2.118!
It seems to be a problem with my desktop computers network definition. On my Laptop I can see the “computer” Volumio and open shared folders (usb, intern, nas) and when the laptop is running, I can see Volumio computer on my desktop computer too. I created a link to Volumio’s folder “usb disk” on my desktop Computer, and it works even when the laptop is not running.
Both (laptop, desktop) are Windows 10 Pro.
To acccess medias on Volumio by one of my netwok players is not posssible, because Volumio is not a Media Server but a Media Renderer.
I would appreciate if Volumio would have DLNA Media Server functionalities! But this is not a bug but a nice-to-have! Thankyou for thinking about my problem anyway :slight_smile: