Volumio 2.041 + spotify + usb dac fast playback

Hi All

I am using the latest version of Volumio (VERSION: 2.041) with the Creative Soundblaster external USB wireless audio transmitter, on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Desktop (Quad Core CPU 900 MHz, 1 GB RAM, Linux)

For some strange reason it is playing back music from Spotify at 1.5x - 2.0x faster than it should.

I also tried using previous versions 1.55 & 1.55.1 but get the same results.

It’s very odd, play back of local MP3s are fine, as is internet radio stations, However when using the Spotify pluggin I get this issue

Any ideas?

Many Thanks


literally this is the problem but i use volumio on PI4.
If I play music on my Spotify client on my mobile and select the VOLUMIO player there, it will play well.

I read a lot about it, nothing helped.
The experience that VOLUMIO does not like SB wireless USB DAC. That’s the only way to play fast
SB X1 USB DAC plays at good speed …

Does anyone have an idea?