Volumio 2.031 play mode bugs

Volumio 2.031 + Raspberry Pi 3 + IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP+.

I would like to report the following play mode bugs:

Repeat doesn’t work at all if the tracks are added by using the Add to queue option in the Browser Tab. If the Play option is used it works actually once, but not twice.
[Repeat should make the queue circular and repeat the queue in sequential order indefinitely.]

Random + Consume works like Consume only, no random function. Occasionally a track previously deleted is played.
[Random + Consume is a combination that makes sense. Every track that is randomly played should be consumed (deleted).]

Repeat + Consume, it is the consume mode that wins. Questionable combination…
[Repeat + Consume is contradictory. What is consumed cannot be repeated.]

Random + Repeat + Consume mostly this combination works only as consume, sometimes it plays a track that is not in the queue, or the player just gets instable.
[Random + Repeat + Consume makes absolutely no sense.]

In addition . . the Delete option for individual tracks doesn’t work (X). The track keeps on playing and the player buttons are not working.

Random in single mode works. Note that random mode is not a strict shuffle, the same track can be played twice.
Consume in single mode works.
Random + Repeat makes no sense since Random is implemented in such a way that it is playing the tracks indefinitely.