Volumio 1.55 will not start

Hello All

First post, complete newbie with both Volumio and Pi so please forgive the fact that I can be a complete numpty :confused: !

I am using a Pi 2B and have just purchased an IQ Audio DAC+. Was previously using 2B, running NOOBS and essentially just using for web browsing.

Have now decided that I would like to set up a music stream running through a small “Amptastic” amplifier (check them out, they are British made, reasonably priced and have a fantastic sound). So the plan is to use the Pi 2B, with the DAC+, running Volumio, attached to a hard drive (powered) and then running on to the amp via the phono’s from the DAC.

I have attached the DAC+ and put it into its’ new case and have then visited the IQ Audio site and downloaded one of their recommended packages which includes the drivers for the DAC+ along with Volumio 1.55.

Downloaded the file without any problems and then extracted to the PC. I then downloaded Win32DiskImager (as advised on Volumio site), got an error message right at the end of this install (cannot remember what it said) but all appeared to be ok and when I followed instructions, right clicked and selected “Run as administrator” it all appeared to run okay…allowed me to select the relevant files…wrote them to the SD card and ended with a box saying "Write Successful.

I then transferred the SD card to the Pi…having connected, mouse, keyboard, Edimax EW-7811 UN wireless dongle, Pi hut powered USB hub and powered hard drive connected via the USB hub.

When I power up the Pi then I appear to get all of the kind of start up scripts I would expect
and it gets through to VOLUMIO in slanting chunky letters…with a flashing cursor.

I have got the Volumio app loaded on a tablet so started trying to set that up. Looked for the IP address of the Pi by using “sudo ifconfig” commend but all that gives me is “eth0” or “lo” loopback options, I don’t appear to see anything for wi-fi and certainly not anything that I recognise as an IP address.

I am very stuck, very frustrated and very convinced that I am doing something very stupid and very basic!!

Apologies if this is covered in other threads…I did search!

Sorry…missed out the fact that, once “loaded” I get repetitive text saying i.e:

327.719594 w1_master_driver w1_bus_master: Family 0 for 00600000000000.65 is not registered

a new one pops up every minute or so but with new numbers both at the beginning and in the last bit.

You cannot start with wireless only as you need to configure wifi settings through the Volumio web UI.
So make a wired connection first, after configuring you can reboot and use your wireless.

Thank you!!

Told you I was being a numpty!!

Will try it in the morning.