Volumio 1.55 nor 2.xx won't boot on my Raspberry pi2.

I put an image via win32 and Apple Pi-Baker.
Put the SD-Card in my Pi2 but it won’t boot.
The green light keeps flashing and I can’t find the IP-address.

For 1.55 I can’t help.
For 2.0 you might have to wait first time for a good 10-15 minutes, leave it and then check.
Try that first, but please return here if it still does not work.

Okay I tried this but it still doesn’t work.
I also tried different SD-Cards and power sources as well as windows and Mac OS but non was working.

To exclude the possibility that my Pi 2 is broken I tried raspbien via Noobs and It worked fine.

I had the same problem - look here for the fix:

Hope it solves your problem - shame these 4 files aren’t in the latest official release from December.