Volumio 1.5 MPD problem with RPi


I have a problem with Volumio 1.5

Evereone knows Volumio 1.5 have a problem with MPD port 6600 not listening

the way to solve this problem is change the settings of Playback

but when I change the settings of Playback , a strange situation happend

when I play 16bit music , it is work

but when I play more than 16bit , it will Glitch and Lag (I cant explain but its not normal) :confused:

MPD and GMPC work well when I change the setting

Iā€™m try to reflash and Volumio 1.5 is fine when I play 16.24or32bit

but when i change the settings of Playbac , its happing again

Once I change a setting in Playback , it cant be Normal again even I reset the Playback settings!!

Anyone has same problem? or anyone can give me a help? Many thanks!!