VOLUMIO 1.5 for Cubox-i, UDOO and others feedback thread

Should I give up on running Volumio on CuBox with wi-fi ?

Been trying to sort out a new UDOO-Quad running Volumio 1.5.
I have encountered the following issues:
Playback UI

  1. Default Control Settings not saved from one session to another, ie shuffle and playlist trash (Resolved)
  2. Volume Control not functioning (any attempt to change the setting will immediately snap back to 0) (Unresolved)
  3. Library Tab does not display any info (Unresolved)
  4. Could not save playlists (Resolved)

I was able to resolve the playlist save issue by changing ownership and permissions on the var/lib/mpd/playlist directory.
Likewise for the shuffle and trash options by modifying the ownership and permissions for the /var/lib/mpd/state file.
Have not resolved the other issues

In my attempt to resolve the library issue I have added the following to /etc/mpd.conf
max_playlist_length “32768”
max_command_list_size “8192”
max_output_buffer_size “16394”

This was done after researching fixes on the forums. I am aware that if I use the Playback Config Menu these changes will be lost.
It did not bring about a resolution of the issue.

I have also accessed alsamixer from putty and changed the volume setting via the Volumio UI. This had no impact on the display in alsamixer

Any help or direction in resolving issues would be greatly appreciated.

I just wanted to second the need for upmpdcli upgrade. I have had nothing but problems with the version of upmpdcli that ships with Volumio 1.5 and 1.55. It crashes regularly with no apparent warning. After uninstalling it and installing the latest (1.90) armhf debian packages from the author’s website (lesbonscomptes.com/upmpdcli/downloads.html) everything works flawlessly. Unlike the version included in current release, upmpdcli 1.90 is extremely stable and the upgrade is quite easy and seamless, short of manually editing the new /etc/upmpdcli.conf file.


Running Volumio 1.5 (audio output set to imxhdmisoc) on Cubox-i1 and playing multichannel FLAC (96/24) through HDMI to connect to Marantz AV receiver (AV8801). Amazing that the little box can now playback multichannel!
It seems that the channel mapping is incorrect. My guess is that the LFE (subwoofer) channel is incorrectly assigned to SR (surround right) but not quite sure.

Any clue to solve this?


There seems to be a HDMI Audio output problem with Cubx-i pro. I used airplay and after 20-30 minutes playing cubox crashes. Same with a HDMI audio de-embedder and TV. With USB Dac no problem .

I’m having the same issue. Volumio on CuBox-i4 pro crashes after 20/30 mins playback over hdmi.

I’m using HDMI output because of the limitations of the optical (SPDIF ) output.

Anyone with ideas for a work around? Thanks.

I encountered this problem too. Is there a fix :question: :question: