Volumio 0.979 on RPi3

Hi out there!

I’m wondering if anybody has the same problem as I or if there’s someone who even may solve the problem. I installed 0.979 on my RPi3, connected it to Lan and a display. During startup just after “…logging into volumio…” the boot process seems to crash and starts again. This is happening in an endless loop. I had the same experience with an earlier version (the first one compatible with RPi 3) I thought that I just wait for a later version - but still the same behaviour.
any help would be highly valued!


Can you see the Volumio network? What happens if you connect to it?


I found the problem. The USB-port of the TV was not delivering enough power for the PRi 3. The red LED was flashing sporadically and the coloured square in the upper right corner of the screen was showing up sometimes. I powered the RPi now with an external power supply and it’s running!

Thanks for your help anyhow!


Not really working…

I got it to run on LAN but as soon as I try it with the integrated WLAN I cannot play music (“failed to decode”) but I’m able to connect to the Interface.
Pinging yields pretty bad results even with some lost packages.
See the attached Pictures for Details - I hope they help.

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