Volumino software playing songs with the interferences/cuts

I bought Allo Usbridge Signature with Volumio software but when I play songs from NAS the sound is cut several times. I used more less all software setting but still with this issue. Because of this I installed Moode and sound is smooth without this. Can somebody help me what must be done to have sound without this issue with Volumio? I tested Volumio version 9 and 11/2020. Output DAC Denon PMA-2500 NE.

This is an issue of USBBridge, which requires a special driver for USB\Ethernet (which Volumio does not integrate)

Well this is not good news for me. Any solution for the future?
Thank you.

Sorry Milan, but we don’t have a USBBridge here so probably not… Your best bet would be to ask Allo

Let us know what they tell you

Hi, I already solved by ASIX driver update. Now Volumio soft. plays without any interferences via Allo USBridge Signature.

Buongiorno, per favore puoi indicarmi la procedura che hai seguito per aggiornare i driver asix ? ho consultato il sito di ALLO , ma la procedura non mi è chiara.