Volumina Rivo with XLR Connect to DAC

I have had a Rivo for a few days. Am very happy with the output from USB to my DAC. However, would like to use the XLR connector also to the DAC and got me extra cables. Unfortunately, no signal is transmitted. What is wrong?

enoaudio 3080 AES/EBU Digital Cable 110 Ohm
Neutrik Gold XLR female - XLR male | HiFi, 0.5 m

Input for digital source devices with balanced XLR digital output.
The DAC 8 accepts digital stereo signals at this input according to AES / EBU standard with sampling rates from 32 - 192 kHz.

Thanks for any advice.

Best regards

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I should mention that I had set the RIVO to output device “S/PDIF + AES/EBU” and the DAC to the same.

@Darmur can you have a look at it?

Dear @Gisorg, sorry to hear about your problem. Every unit is tested before shipment, including the AES/EBU interface.

@DED could you contact this user to check that everything is fine from settings point-of-view?
Please also request the serial number, so we can verify the test report.
If the problem is still there after all the checks, please proceed with the return of the unit, sending a new one.

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Dear Daniel,

Davide, tech support
I’ll contact you in private in order to check the issue personally

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Hi Davide,
If the cable should fit from the specifications, then I assume that it is defective.
The cable is new and has not been tried elsewhere. I order a new one and will try again.

So my question: cable should fit, right?

Best regards,