Volumia 3 and 16 bit qobuz sounds distorted

Hi there. I have a metrum ambre streamer (rpi based) with the latest volumio 3 on it. My dac is a sonnet Morpheus r2r dac. I play from qobuz over volumio premium. With volumio 2 i had no problems. After upgrading 16 bits sounds distorted while 24 bits is ok.

I m now using the generic dac in the list I tried some others like the hifiberry ones of which the digi pro worked fine before.

Another problem is that bubblpnp doen t always find the streamer. So i upgraded to premium to try this out.

Radio plays fine. Over bluetooth there s some noise. Not really distorted.

Any Ideas?

No one an idea what i m doing wrong?

Hi again. I went back to 2.915 and the problem is solved.