I am using volumio on a raspberry pi 2B+ with a just boom amp. My music files all run from USB. Ithink its excellent but i feel the volume could be louder and was wondering if anyone could advise me please?

What are you using for a power supply for the amp? Also what are you driving (speakers, headphones)? And what kind? How big of a room?

I don’t have your amp but have plenty of experience with them. 20 watts per channel into speakers of 85db or better efficiency should blow you out of a regular sized room (assuming normal hearing). Unless you are having issues with the Volumio volume control?

Love to help, just need more information.

For comparison, I’m using a 8w per channel tube amp set at 1/2 volume (on the amp) into a pair of Dynaco A10 bookshelf speakers (88dB/1W efficiency) and I can really annoy someone on the other side of the house, no problem. If I put on some Nightwish, I can annoy the neighbors. :slight_smile: