Volume steps not working

New volumio 3 installation.
Volume jumps every 5 instead of mine setting - 2.


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: latest 3
Hardware: rpi 3b 4gb
DAC: hifiberry DAC+

Debug Log

Steps to Reproduce

Additional Information

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Hell @misko903
Could be a mixer or step setting. This is what I have for 10 steps.

I just tested it with steps=2 and that worked fine.

I think there was a bug that the slider always snaps with step of 5, at least at some point.

It won’t respect the volume step option.

Did you try by pressing + or - instead of moving slider?

Ah, yes that’s it. Slider is always in steps of 5. The custom setting only works when pressing +/-. Never noticed that before.
EDIT: And the setting is labelled correctly: “One Click Volume Steps”

  1. yes, but try that on the official android app… there is no other option
  2. btw, you cant control the volume with hardware cell phone buttons on new Volumio 3

@misko903 You should try the beta app from @Joni_Salminen