Volume slider does not adjust volume when playing music from my music DB - help pls

Volumio build 3.569, (current stable release) on a RPi4, 8GB memory, headphone output.
Am using the Volumio app on my android tablet.
When playing music from my ripped CD music server, the volume slider does not change the volume when moved. I have volume steps set to 10, startup volume at 20.
No matter what album/track I select to play, volume is non-adjustable

However…when I connect to spotify and stream content from it, the volume adjustment does work!
Very weird.
What can I do fix the problem?

Additional notes: Using the web interface on my tablet (Firefox) or laptop causes volumio to lock up, so that is why I am trying to use the web app.
The webapp on my iphone cannot vary the volume either.
I’ve rebooted the RPi a number of times…no joy
Thanks for any advice

did you update from a previous version?

with the latest release 3.569 the mixer name for the headphone out has changed, due to the new kernel required for supporting RPi5

please try to do the following:

  1. select HDMI output
  2. press save
  3. select Headphone out
  4. press save
  5. reboot

Thank you - I did update from a previous version. I don’t recall the previous version but I did an update ~ April 2023, so whatever stable version was around at that time is what I used.

I’ll try your suggestion when I get back to where my machine is.

I assume I need to make the changes in General Playback Options → Audio Output → Output device , save, then
Output device < select Headphones>, save, then…reboot
I did this and it fixed the audio issue, sort of…Volume now works on both my local music DB and spotify.
But, I have the volume on my amp set at about half way, I select a music track and play it, the volume slider on volumio is at ‘-’ and I hear nothing. I move the volume slider to the right, increasing the volume, and I don’t hear any music until the slider gets to about 70% towards the right. it is barely audible. As I move the slider to the right, towards 100% the volume increases linearly. I have to increase the volume on my amp to compensate for the low volume out of the RPi. My previous installs of volumio had more output from the RPi.
Can you make any suggestion to improve the output from the RPi?


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This looks very weird, is there any chance you can try a factory reset, and try again with no plugins installed at first?

I had similar issues and solved it by changing the DAC model, saving and then changing back to the correct one. It asks you to restart after you change it back, but if it doesn’t do it just in case.

@Darmur - I could try that I guess but i’ve just managed to claw my way to a mostly working system and don’t want to possibly screw it up…and spend another two days trying to put it back together again.
@forte89 - Thanks for the suggestion - I’ll try that and see what happens.