Volume Setting for the alarm clock

I would like to see a volume Setting in the alarm clock in one of the next Versions.
I use the alarm function and the sleep timer. And in my case either the alarm is to weak in the morning or you have to set the volume a bit to loud for the night.

Thanks for this great project (and maybe this little additional feature) to the whole volumio Team!


It will also be nice to have a ‘progressive’ volume for both sleep and alarm.

ie, volume slowy going from actual to zero before stopping playback for sleep and slowly going from zero to selected for the alarm.

I dislike ‘brutal’ alarm in the morning :laughing:

The solution could be use CRON - Unix scheduler deamon + Rest API commands.
Take a look to this post https://volumio.org/forum/using-volumio-alarm-clock-t10798.html

I would like this feature too.
Regards leo

Me too. My daughter asked me for this feature. And Xmas is coming. :smiley: best, judydudi



somebody knows if there is a roadmap to check if this feature is somewhere on the list? :question:

This feature would be really helpful