"Volume Options" settings seem not to be working properly

I submitted this post on 23 December, 2023 and have had no replies so I am trying again (perhaps it was unwise to post so close to Christmas). What follows is copied direct from my initial post:

“I am experiencing problems with the volume settings on my Volumio installation (Version 3.569 - QNap Nas over Ethernet to RaspberryPi 4b, USB to the DAC on my Marantz NA7004 streamer, to a line input on my amplifier). I was forced to reinstall Volumio after a power fail. Before the reinstallation I am pretty sure I had the Mixer Setting in Playback Options set to “Hardware” and I was able to control volume by the slider scale in the android Volumio UI. I am also pretty sure that volume levels were around the same as from the other line inputs in my system. After the reinstallation I am only able to set the mixer to “Software” or “None” and whichever I choose I have no control over volume from the android UI. The playback volume level is also very much softer than it was in the previous install – now I really have to stoke up the volume control on my amplifier to get any satisfying sound at all. I have also noticed that, when music is playing, it is possible to see the “Hardware” Mixer Setting in the android UI, although it disappears again as soon as the music is stopped.
Readers may have guessed from this description of the issue that I am not very tech savvy when it comes to these things. I would nevertheless like to solve the problem and I may need to be closely guided to a solution. Can someone help me with this?”
Regards, John Whiter