Volume control?

Hey all,

I was under the impression that if you disabled the volume control by setting the Mixer type to disabled then the volume would be set to 100% so that audio is sent unchanged to you DAC and you can control the volume via you amp.

However, someone told me that when you set the Mixer type to disabled is does so at the current volume (hardware or software?) that has been set i.e. if the volume was set at 70% the the volume would be disabled and set to 70%.

Is this true and does this affect the audio quality?

The main reason I ask is because I have the volume set to 100% and then have set the Mixer type to disabled but the volume of audio through my DAC via my amp is a lot louder that audio through the other inputs on my amp (CD, Turntable, etc).

For the best audio quality what are the best settings?



I was aking myself similar questions and looked up some intersting articles on that subject.

As a general answer volume control (and other controls) should be applied after DAC and in the last part of the chain, so at your analog amp.

Things are always more complex though in RL, so check out http://superuser.com/questions/492281/from-a-quality-perspective-what-is-better-turning-volume-up-in-the-software-i for more indepth info :slight_smile:

hf - blue